O'Connor Encourages Donations to George Floyd Fund

Republican candidate for U.S Senate, Kevin O’Connor, today released the following statement regarding the ongoing protests and killing of George Floyd:

“When I saw the videotape of the cold-blooded killing of George Floyd as he begged for mercy, I was horrified and disgusted. I grieve for him and his family, and for his community and our nation.

I commend those participating in peaceful protest, and add my voice to their calls for justice for all.

The violence now taking place in Boston and in cities around the country is the opposite of justice. It victimizes innocent people, obscures the purpose of important demonstrations, and ultimately undermines the righteous message of the protests, which, in its most distilled form, is one of mutual respect and protection of our fundamental rights — equally, and without fear or favor — under the law. The time is now to end the dual system of justice in America.

We must refocus our attention on the real human tragedy and the righting of wrongs.

Janet and I have made a donation to the George Floyd fund, established to benefit his family. Our prayers are with them, as well as with our nation.”

Donate to Floyd Family Fund