O'Connor Demands a Seat on Debate Stage

WCVB promos give the impression that the debate is fully inclusive

CANTON – Today, Kevin O’Connor, Republican candidate for Senate, sent a letter to June 1 debate host WCVB demanding that he be included in the event.

WCVB airs a promotion entitled, “Massachusetts US Senate Debate.” The advertising spot omits any reference to the primary or the political party of the candidates.

“The primary race is portrayed as a deciding event, which it is not,” says Kevin O’Connor. “Media can’t use its power to make distinctions like this between fully qualified candidates. Journalistic ethics and basic fairness dictate the debate include everybody.”

In the letter addressed to WCVB General Manager Kyle I. Grimes, O’Connor gives examples of past station practices in which primary debates were more accurately advertised.

“The people of Massachusetts deserve fuller, more accurate news from its major television broadcaster. The folks who helped me get me on the ballot deserve better treatment, particularly in a year when powerful interests lined up against us, and we had to plead our case for fairness at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court,” O’Connor said. “Fair treatment isn’t too much to ask.”

Read the full letter.