O’Connor Calls Out Congress For Pork-Laden Relief Package

U.S. Senate Candidate Kevin O’Connor today released the following statement regarding Congress’s proposed coronavirus relief package:

“The coronavirus relief bill has languished for days in Congress, during which 52,736 more Americans have become infected and 892 have died. And what was that time wasted on? Loading the bill up with billions in spending that is totally unrelated to the current crisis, including $25 million for Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., which should come to states like Massachusetts to distribute to overwhelmed hospitals, caregivers, shuttered small businesses and sidelined workers. It is an absolute disgrace that politicians in Washington can’t help themselves but to exploit a national emergency and hold the American people hostage to fund their pet projects and individual agendas. Our Congressional representatives have shown their true colors during this harmful and national embarrassment.”