O’Connor Calls On Kennedy And Markey To Drop Soft- On-Crime Rhetoric And Demand End To Catch And Release Of Violent Criminals Under Guise Of Coronavirus

U.S Senate Candidate Kevin O’Connor made the following statement today reacting to concerns by law enforcement that violent criminals are being released into the public out of concern for their health amid the coronavirus outbreak:

“No violent offender should be released back into the public under the guise of protecting them from coronavirus. Our first priority must always be to keep law abiding citizens safe and secure. Unfortunately, in recent days, Sen. Markey and Congressman Kennedy have used coronavirus-related incidents to put the comfort of criminals over the safety of law-abiding citizens and those who protect and serve. I’m calling on them, during this National Correctional Officers Week, to make it clear that they support law enforcement in their efforts to put and keep violent criminals behind bars, and that no violent offender should be released back onto the streets because of coronavirus.”


Boston Police Commissioner Says Violent Offenders Are Being Released Only To Re- Offend Because Of Coronavirus Concerns. ‘”Just last week, a known gang member, carrying a firearm, firing a firearm, home invasion – released. When you do things like that, it sets a mentality on these streets that people can do what they want,’ Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said. ‘This is unacceptable. People who have been locked up for violent offenses and carrying a firearm should not be released on personals, and I could care less if they get sick in jail or not.“’

Congressman Kennedy Last Week Seemed To Side With Illegal Immigrant Detainees Who Assaulted Correctional Officers And Caused $25,000 Of Damage To Taxpayer Assets. “Bristol Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is blasting U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III for ‘playing politics’ with a flare-up at the county jail after illegal immigrants refused to be tested for coronavirus and fought guards, causing $25,000 in damage. The 10 illegal immigrants assaulted staffers Friday night inside the North Dartmouth lock-up in a showdown that had Kennedy taking to Twitter and later calling for an investigation. Hodgson told the Herald Saturday Kennedy never called him to hear the ‘truth’ about the testing.’Sadly, Joe Kennedy is just playing politics,’ said Hodgson. ‘If he wanted to know the truth, he’d pick up the phone to me. Instead, he wants to advance some political agenda.’”

Ed Markey Recently Called On The Release Of Prisoners To Protect Them From Coronavirus, And Then Immediately Giving Them Health Insurance. “Let them out because they could contract coronavirus, but give them healthcare immediately as they walk out…”