LISTEN: Republican Kevin O'Connor On His Campaign For US Senate

Massachusetts’ Congressional delegation is made up entirely of Democrats. Attorney Kevin O’Connor is running for U.S. Senate as a Republican, challenging incumbent Sen. Edward Markey, in an effort to change that.

O’Connor made the argument on Boston Public Radio Monday that a delegation that includes a Republican like him could better advocate across the aisle for local issues.

“I look at the candidates who are running and I feel like they’re the quintessential career politicians, and I don’t think they’re serving us well,” O’Connor said. “I think Massachusetts is placed at a significant disadvantage by the fact that we have a one-party delegation. Every time the White House or any chamber of Congress is controlled by Republicans, we lose out. That’s just bad, that’s not healthy.”

“On balance, I feel like this is a major fork in the road, in terms of the role government plays in our lives,” said O’Connor. “It’s critical for our children’s future, I believe, that all organized activity begins with safety and safe communities. I think my opponents are very different on that front. I believe our brightest days in terms of solving our problems will occur when we promote private sector innovation, whether that’s in health care, whether that’s environmentally, whether that’s economically in technological developments. I’m a capitalist in this race, and probably the only one.”

LISTEN to the full interview via WGBH: