Kevin O'Connor is certified by the Secretary of State to appear on the 2020 Ballot

BOSTON - Kevin O’Connor, Republican candidate for United States Senate will appear on Republican primary ballots this September, the Secretary of State’s office has confirmed.

“Because of pandemic, qualifying for the ballot was more challenging for our campaign than circumstances would require,” said O’Connor. “This year, it took a Supreme Judicial Court ruling to address the deliberate failure of the legislature to make the process fair and safe. I’m proud to have taken that case to court. I’m disappointed that politics as usual continues to play out on Beacon Hill and in Congress, even in a pandemic.”

The campaign touted O’Connor’s success in court, saying it was a glimpse of how he would approach senate service: Stand up for what is right, offer common sense solutions, and work tirelessly for victory.

“I’m so grateful to the campaign workers, family, friends, and volunteers who stepped up to help us gather signatures,” O’Connor said, noting that this will be his first run for office. “I am also grateful to the town clerks in the over 300 towns in which we received signatures. Processing these sheets presented increased risk and challenges. Our public servants deserve accolades for rising to the difficult task.”

The O’Connor campaign coordinated with more than 30 different campaigns across the state during the signature collection process and received signatures from all 14 counties and more than 300 towns.