Kevin O'Connor Earns Spot on the Ballot, Despite Career Politician's Attempts to Keep Challengers Off

Republican Candidate for U.S Senate Kevin O’Connor today announced that his campaign has surpassed the required signature threshold to get on the ballot.

KOC for Senate volunteers and campaign staff worked tirelessly in the face of a daunting challenge due to Covid-19. When the Beacon Hill power brokers refused to align the signature requirements with the public health needs, O’Connor successfully led a bipartisan group of candidates in an historic lawsuit before the Supreme Judicial Court. His legal victory cut the signature requirements for all candidates in half and allowed candidates — for the first time — to submit electronic signatures.

“We are pleased to announce that our campaign has officially surpassed the certified signature threshold needed to get on the ballot,” said O’Connor. “For weeks, career politicians in the legislature ignored the obvious health implications of the petition signature collection process during the coronavirus outbreak in order to guard their personal power, and it took a Supreme Judicial Court ruling to address their deliberate failure.”

O’Connor continued, “It is a testament to hard work and common sense of those who care about democracy, the law, and the health and welfare of our citizenry that there will be an election in November for United States Senate. Now, we take our next steps to challenge the same self-serving, do-nothing, status quo in Washington.”

The O’Connor signature drive proved to be a model for statewide outreach and collaboration. The O’Connor campaign coordinated with more than 30 different campaigns across the state and received signatures from all 14 counties and more than 300 towns.

His successful signature effort shows how O’Connor will lead as our next US Senator: Stand up for what is right, offer commonsense solutions, and work tirelessly for victory.