Kevin O'Connor Deems Kennedy's Mail in Voting Proposal Irresponsible, Supports Galvin's Proposal with Caveat

Republican Candidate for U.S Senate Kevin O’Connor today released the following statement regarding Rep. Joe Kennedy and Secretary Galvin’s respective proposals for mail in voting.

“Unlike Congressman Kennedy’s irresponsible proposal to mail out 6.5 million primary ballots to Massachusetts’ 4.5 registered voters, Secretary Galvin’s proposal for mail-in voting reflects common sense and the best interests of the people of Massachusetts. The Secretary’s proposal allows all voters who want to vote by mail to do so in the primary of their choosing. It helps ensure that no one is denied the franchise due to health concerns while also ensuring the integrity of our elections. In stark contrast, Congressman Kennedy’s ‘ballot flooding’ proposal ignores common sense in an effort pander to the extreme wing of his party. His misguided and transparently self-interested priorities continue to be unworthy of this critical moment.

“On the issue of early voting for the general election, I urge Secretary Galvin to reconsider his proposal. Extending the early voting period for the general election from 12 to 18 days would be extremely unfair to challengers. Massachusetts already has one of the shortest windows between its and general elections — a mere 9 weeks. Extension of the early voting window would effectively shrink that window even further, to the obvious and unfair advantage of incumbents like Senator Markey and Congressman Kennedy — who have been feeding at the trough of lobbyist PAC money for their entire careers.

“Now, more than ever, we need full public confidence in the fairness and outcomes of our elections. As I have proven already, I will work with anyone — regardless of party — who shares those important goals. Just as I did on the important issue of ballot access, I urge the legislature to act promptly to align the interests of public health and democracy.”