O'Connor Challenges Markey and Kennedy To Join In A “Clean Campaign Pledge”

U.S Senate Candidate Kevin O’Connor made the following statement today challenging Sen. Markey and Rep. Kennedy to join in a “Clean Campaign Pledge” to refuse and divest of all campaign contributions from political action committees:

“If Rep. Kennedy and Sen. Markey want to get serious about running clean campaigns, then they should join me by divesting their campaigns of this toxic campaign cash which serves no other purpose than to bribe or reward lawmakers for carrying special interest water. Massachusetts voters deserve to know that their members of Congress are accountable only to them.”


Today, Sen. Markey scurried to return a mere $17,700 from the fossil fuel industry and other corporate interests. “Sen. Ed Markey is returning $17,700 in campaign contributions that either violate a pledge he took to refuse money from players in the fossil fuel industry, or do not meet his campaign’s standard to decline cash from corporate PACs.” (Stephanie Murray, Politico Massachusetts Playbook, 4/21/20)

Over their careers, Markey and Kennedy collectively have accepted at least $9,077,238 in campaign contributions from political action committees. Prior to the most recent reporting period, Markey had taken $5,987,390 in PAC donations and Kennedy had accepted $3,089,848. (Opensecrets.org, accessed 4/21/20)