Boston Herald Endorses Kevin

Herald endorses O’Connor for U.S. Senate

When Ed Markey faced a challenge from Joe Kennedy III in the Massachusetts Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, a key sticking point in the race was that policy-wise, the two progressives were virtually indistinguishable.

There is no such similarity being served in the Ed Markey/Kevin O’Connor battle for Senate — the differences are obvious.

Markey is a darling of the ever-left leaning contingent of the Democratic Party, epitomized by squad star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, freshman representative from New York. The pair are proud sponsors of the Green New Deal, a 10-year, government-backed move toward 100% renewable, zero-emission energy. It will cost tens of trillions of dollars and displace millions of Americans with jobs in the oil and gas industries.

The authors of the Green New Deal claim their guaranteed-jobs-for-all program will make up for this, a lofty goal, all but ultimately unreachable, especially as the country’s economy struggles through a pandemic.

But Markey stands by it.

It makes for good cred among young supporters. It doesn’t make good common sense. Common sense is the motto of Markey’s challenger, Republican candidate Kevin O’Connor.

The Dover attorney also contends that climate change is a problem, but the New Green Deal is the wrong way to address it. O’Connor is a proponent of investing in the electrical grid and carbon-reducing tech in a bid to reduce emissions. The Green New Deal, he has said, “would bankrupt the country.”

Thinking things through — the ability to do so is sorely lacking in many leaders today.

Other sound-bite solutions du jour espoused by Markey include defunding the police and abolishing ICE — the progressive policy two-fer that imperils the safety of our communities.

Markey has called for the redirection of law enforcement funding to nurses and social workers.

In a city that’s seen 40 fatal shootings so far in 2020 — a 60% spike over the same 2019 period — common sense indicates a strong need for police.

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