As Massachusetts Democrats march left, Republicans see opportunity

Running red is often an uphill battle in ever-blue Massachusetts — but this fall, as Democratic candidates work to either out-progressive each other or wage insurgent-left campaigns against their party’s moderate incumbents, their Republican challengers see opportunity.

“Massachusetts voters, our communities, are common sense based,” said Kevin O’Connor, who’s running against Shiva Ayyadurai in the GOP primary for what’s now the liberal U.S. Sen. Edward Markey’s seat. “There is no question that when Republicans focus on common sense and Democrats move too far to the left — and that’s exactly the case this year — that Republicans can win and I believe we will win in 2020.”

GOP candidates running in the Sept. 1 congressional primaries say the state’s all-Democratic delegation has not well represented the communities they serve — and that the current crop of deep-blue candidates vying to replace them won’t, either.

But in order to take on the left, the GOP candidates have to first win their own primaries on Tuesday. Ayyadurai, a tech entrepreneur from Belmont who has made debunked claims he invented email, said he’s counting on votes from the “dark matter” — the large numbers of people who don’t vote because they’re uninspired. He said his slogan of “Truth, freedom and health” is meant to inspire people like Trump did to him — to vote for the first time ever.

“I’m looking for people who recognize they’re being taken advantage of,” Ayyadurai said.

His rival, O’Connor, an attorney from Dover, has blasted Ayyadurai for refusing to debate and for “his record of disloyalty to conservative causes” after pulling less than 4% of the vote as an independent running against U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Republican Geoff Diehl in 2018. Ayyadurai in turn called O’Connor a “fool” who the moderate GOP establishment put up to lose.

“He’s been a serial political candidate and he’s been an abject failure in every race he’s run,” O’Connor said. “I’m running on results instead of resistance, pragmatism over extremism.”

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